• Solar Glass, Smart Glass, Dynamic Glass, Triple Power Glass.
  • Now also Energy Power Windows! 1 m² 0.2 kWh / 0.72 MJ.
  • Heated glass 65V consumption: 5W / m² Temp .: -35 ° / + 75 °
  • For: residential / office buildings / greenhouse & conservatory construction.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Recycling of all parts.
  • We are happy to come by to show you the products.


Ecological, economical and sustainable

The name already indicates that we are mainly focused on ecology, economy and sustainability. We notice that consumers and companies want to invest in sustainability, if only it is economically attractive. That is why we supply HR +++ triple glass for the price of double glazing!

Why Eco Power Windows? 1. Also round and trapezoidal frames available; 2. Quickly set and disassemble; 3. 10 year warranty; 4. Fast delivery time from 4 to 6 weeks; 5. Attractive prices, including triple glazing for the price of double glazing; 6. Exclusive supplier of Intelligent Glass.

Developments in (2018)

In addition to the 'normal' double or triple glass, we will go one step further in mid-2018! We are involved in an international project that will be the first to bring a number of intelligent windows onto the market at the beginning of 2018 at commercial prices. Intelligent means that the windows can do more than just look through them.

Smart glass & dynamic glass

Windows with nanotechnology

These are windows with integrated and patented nanotechnology that:

  1. Generate energy (Solar Glass)
  2. The ability to change color and color and thus exclude sunlight and heat (Dynamic Glass)
  3. With single glazing (!) can achieve an insulating value of triple glass (Smart Glass).

This glass will therefore save even more for you while the extra cost will be very small ..

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New regulations

Eco Power Windows delivers products that comply with the new regulations or that even lead to them. For example, we supply durable frames made from high-quality PVC or aluminum with very high insulation values (up to U-value 0.5) and burglar-proof thanks to high-quality hinges and locks with HAKO police quality mark.