Solar/Intelligent Glass

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We strive to combine physics and chemistry with our extensive production experience for the highest goal of creating the best glass in the world. EPW successfully develops a team of developers. Our first-class specialists come up with new types of glass sprayers, introduce innovative production methods and other technologies, which drastically change the perception of the limits of what is possible in the glass industry. We accept glass as one of the most important elements of a building and strive for maximum environmental friendliness and comfort for people, while helping architects and builders bring their design vision for the project to life.

Photo-Voltaic cells (PV) and patented nanotechnology convert sunlight into electricity in the window. Due to the current state of technology, it is possible for you to make completely transparent windows. The windows are commercially applicable in residential, office and greenhouse construction. The latter already worked on nanotechnology.


Greenhouse construction based on self-generated electricity.   

Dynamic Glass

Dynamic Glass Technology

View showed their Dynamic Glass technology at The American Institute of Architects show this year, which leverages multiple data sources to better control the sun’s energy. The windows are able to create an enhanced occupant experience and cost-savings.

Geplaatst door ARCHITECT magazine op Vrijdag 12 mei 2017

An extremely useful concept for your project.

Our thermochromic technology makes it possible to maintain the autonomy and light for the building in daylight, even when the window is completely tinted.

Our windows can be operated with sensors as well as manually. Experience optimum comfort for your building without having to operate the windows. Dynamic Glass takes care of this.

Dynamic Glass is both a passive and active technology if desired. It does not require direct sunlight. Dynamic Glass can help you with your project and fits well within the Green Building space.

Dynamic Glass increases the value of the buildings gives a high efficiency. It gives you the chance to make it more productive. It does more than just add glass. “It improves the experience experience.”

Dynamic Glass adapts to the sunlight and protects the interior against excessive heat and UV radiation with its dynamic range of the “Solar Heat Gain”.

Solar control
One of the advantages of Dynamic Glass is the unique ability to determine how much solar energy is allowed in a building. Unlike conventional glass, Dynamic Glass can respond to external conditions and heat and drastically reduce the UV load of a building, giving the users of the building a pleasant feeling. Dynamic Glass can prevent up to 90% that solar heat enters the building (for example, due to the Dynamic Glass Coefficient of 0.2). That is now “Solar Heat Gain Control!”

U value (insulation value UW)
Not only does Dynamic Glass work to keep out excess heat, our glass is also very efficient when it comes to U values ​​to prevent heat loss. Because Dynamic Glass (IGUs) are highly adaptable, almost any glass composition can be achieved to achieve a high efficiency (IGU). Due to the adaptability of the U-values, architects can enjoy a wide freedom of design.

Energy savings
Dynamic Glass also provides energy savings, which means that the HVAC system for a building is smaller. This leads to additional cost savings within the building.

Custom Low-E
Low-e are used to create high-yield glass coatings with a low emission capacity. These coatings, even thinner than human hair, are used to display long wave infrared energy. Low-e works with the Dynamic Glass interlayer to prevent excessive solar heat from entering a room. Since (IGUs) Dynamic Glass technology is always tailor-made, these can be specified with the low-e and maximum architectural freedom you choose.

Solar glass

The transparent solar coating from EPW Energy was named Power window and absorbs selectively invisible light (ultraviolet and infrared) to convert it into electricity, while at the same time transmitting visible light. Power window not only generates electricity but also offers sun protection by blocking infrared light and therefore solar heat. The transparent solar coating can be applied to vertical surfaces of buildings, so that the windows of the building generate electricity, are very energy efficient and guarantee the transparency and neutral aesthetics that architects, designers and residents expect.

The highly transparent Power Window coating has a neutral color and is applied directly to the glass with standard equipment for glass coatings. The use of standard equipment for applying thin coatings will make use of the annual global glass production capacity. This new and patented technology will also offer the BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) market a real, transparent solution to generate energy and thus lead to buildings that are energy neutral or even energy positive.

The architectural glass market has already shown a great deal of interest in using our technology for the next generation of transparent power-producing windows. ”

By creating transparent, aesthetically pleasing, power-producing glass, we will be able to give designers and architects a BIPV solution that is not only beautiful, but can also be seamlessly integrated. For new perspectives in order to be able to use facades in an environmentally-oriented way.

  Smart Glass

This is also a sandwich panel with a coating of nanoparticles. This time the nanoparticles have an extremely high insulation value, 5x more than just double glazing!
This saves money by:

  • Lower amount of glass used (from triple glass)
  • Smaller thickness and sturdiness of the frames (ideal for renovation in old buildings where mainly ‘just’ single glass is used)
  • Building lighter and therefore cheaper
  • Cost savings on climate control

The following applies to all three glazings: can also be used in combination with each other, so that the benefits can reinforce each other. For instance:

  • The power required to change the color of the Dynamic Glass can be generated by solar glass
  • Dynamic Glass and Smart Glass can be combined in a frame so that maximum heat and sound insulation is created in summer and winter.
  • Smart Glass can be supplied in a double, triple or quatro version, resulting in truly extreme insulation with U-values ​​far below 0.5 W / m2K (at the expense of the weight of course, depending on the purpose of use)


Heating windows is no longer a fantasy of the last ten years, thanks to the latest technological glazing with Nano coating. Our company is one of the few in the industry that deals with the production and sale of this unique product.


The technology can be applied to the surface of ordinary glass by applying a transparent solid (!) A layer of metal oxides and alloys that ensures even heating of large surfaces when an electrical voltage is applied.

Applications for heating windows.

We have more than 10 years of experience in heating glazing with numerous international references and we see ourselves as “the” leader in innovation and quality.

GLAS POWER is an invisible glass heater that emits an electrically controlled infrared radiation heat. GLAS POWER can be realized in double, Tripple, quatro glazing.

Glass heated windows can be used both indoors and outdoors. Inside, GLAS POWER can be used for, among other things, partition walls, doors, windows, mirrors, and the like. GLAS POWER is used outdoors for facades, roof glazing, windows and other applications.

GLAS POWER ensures a comfortable climate in the rooms with a high glass content. The innovative, invisible and space-saving solution for heated glass provides a pleasant radiant heat on cold days.


Heated glass offers a special comfort. GLAS POWER provides pleasant glass heating and, thanks to infrared radiation, an energy saving compared to other heating systems. GLAS POWER heats economically, is emission and wear-free and requires no maintenance. In addition, energy suppliers often offer electricity rates for heating, only a separate measuring circuit is required. Dry heating air is not generated and the indoor air quality is maintained. GLAS POWER enables continuous heating without drafts and without cold radiation in the vicinity of the glass panes. The design of the glass adds a lot, because it is a complete and invisible heating system.


Our Partner in these intelligent glazing has Patents on the production method through inkjet printers and the chemical compositions of the Nano material. This allows the products to be produced much cheaper than competitors currently do.

Problem solving! More and more electric cars are driving in the Netherlands. After years of hesitation, the conservative car industry is finally over. All brands invest heavily in the development of electric cars. Tesla has been at the forefront for years. An important sector has followed in recent years: construction. Because after electric driving and cycling, there is also electric living. We say goodbye to the gas stove and a gas-fired central heating system. A house without a gas connection? For many people it might take some getting used to. But the discussions about CO2 reduction and the issues surrounding Groningen gas have been front-page news for a long time.

In the meantime entire city districts are being built where there is no longer a gas connection. The heating windows, with its infrared radiant heat, connect seamlessly with this. All Electric house in 90 to 95 percent of the existing homes is now just a gas-fired central heating system. Gasless living, however, is the future. There is no other way. In the Netherlands we have to switch to homes where (in particular) electricity is the energy source. All Electric House with preferably green electricity, of which a demonstration house was shown at the Innovation Expo a few years ago, is a new concept in construction. Electric environmentally friendly heating, a trend break.

Environmentally aware consumer The demand for glass-warming windows is increasing from year to year. It has everything to do with the above-mentioned developments and the environmentally conscious consumer. Green electricity generated with its own solar panels is preferred, whereby it is extra attractive to use it for a heating system that emits infrared radiation. Like heating windows. Infrared heating: solution for many a problem and contribution to a sustainable home in the context of the switch from gas to other forms of heating, infrared heating windows is one of the options. In general, infrared panels are considered,

THE GLASS AS A RADIATOR! but that is something very different from heating. The window as a radiator! What are the advantages of using heating windows that emit infrared radiant heat?

Comfort The heat comfort with infrared radiant heat is different from heating with radiators or underfloor heating. The effect of radiation on our experience of heat is very strong. A comfortable feeling of warmth can already be achieved with infrared heat at a lower temperature. Compare it to the pleasant warmth of the sun’s rays while it is still cold in winter. The thermostat can therefore quickly be set 2 to 3 degrees lower, which results in a considerable saving.

Efficient heat distribution Infrared radiant heat falls on all objects in the room. The result of this is an even distribution of heat and no accumulation of heat against the ceiling, as is the case with convection heat. A saving everywhere because the ceiling does not live. In addition, local heating is simply possible. The heating is only switched on where you are currently staying. It also makes it possible due to the fast heating time of the glass.

THE GLASS AS A RADIATOR! Since you do not want to heat the entire space unnecessarily, you can save energy with this. But a traditional bedroom that must be used temporarily as a study room also benefits from heating windows. The window as (extra) heating! In the newest version of the four-season glass, Glass. sun, optimum comfort is achieved in the summer and the greenhouse effect is reduced as much as possible.

Cold fall, use of space, technology and health Infrared radiant heat from the window has numerous advantages such as: – cold fall is prevented with 100% certainty; in other words: the cooling of the warm air in the room is also reduced to almost zero as soon as the window has a temperature of> 20⁰C – the window becomes a maximum of around 40⁰C; the feeling of a pleasantly warm shower where you cannot burn yourself at this temperature – heating time is minimal; cold falls disappeared within a few minutes; pleasant heat radiation is clearly noticeable within 15 minutes – no radiators, convector pits or extra panels are required: the window is the “heating” and requires no extra space; much is possible.



4 mm Energy Light – 16 mm Argon 90% – 4 mm Energy Light  – 16 mm Argon 90% – 4 mm Sunergy Helder.


Thermophysical properties of (EN 673)

Coefficient Ug [W / (m².K)] – Vertical 0.5

Light transmission – τv (%) 37
Reflection – ρv (%) 37

Reflection of light from within – ρvi (%)

Color rendering index – RD65 – Ra (%) 95

Energy characteristics EN 410 ISO 9050

Solar energy (%) 30 28
Energy reflection (%) 48 49
Direct energy transfer (%) 20 18
Energy absorption through glass 1 (%) 18 19
Energy absorption through glass 1 (%) 7 7
Energy absorption through glass 3 (%) 7 7
Total energy absorption (%) 32 33
Shadow factor – SC 0.35 0.32
UV transmission – UV (%) 7
selectivity 1.23 1.32

Other features

Fire resistance – EN 13501-2 NPD
Flammability – EN 13501-1 NPD
Bulletproof – EN 1063 NPD
Burglary free – EN 356 NPD
Resistance to shock – EN 12600 NPD

Acoustic properties

Sound insulation index in the air (Rw (C; Ctr) –

approximately) – dB


Thickness and weight

Nominal thickness (mm) NaN

The data is calculated using spectral measurements in accordance with standard (EN 410, ISO 9050) of 1990. Ugvalue (formerly k value) is calculated according to the EN673 standard. The emissivity coefficient meets the standards


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