Innovation 2019

Solar Glass

By means of Photo-Voltaic cells (PV) and patented nanotechnology, sunlight is converted into electricity in the window frame. In connection with the current state of technology, it is possible to make your windows completely transparent. The windows are commercially applicable in residential construction, office buildings and greenhouses. The latter mentioned already worked on nanotechnology. Greenhouse construction itself produces electricity.

“Join us on a journey towards real sustainability, so that people can work, live, perform and feel at their best.”

Dynamic Glass

Dynamic Glass Technology

View showed their Dynamic Glass technology at The American Institute of Architects show this year, which leverages multiple data sources to better control the sun’s energy. The windows are able to create an enhanced occupant experience and cost-savings.

Geplaatst door ARCHITECT magazine op Vrijdag 12 mei 2017

This is a glass sandwich panel with a nanotechnology-based coating in between. By releasing a tension on the coating, the properties of the nanoparticles can change from:

  • to:
    • Dark (bluish like with sunglasses): Sun protection and heat resistant.
      It then acts as a built-in sunscreen

    This will result in high savings in the areas of:

    • Purchase and maintenance (!) Of external sun protection
    • Costs for Climate-Control (especially cooling in hot periods)
  • It is a concept that you can use your project.More painting does not mean less daylight. Our thermochromic technology makes it possible in daylight, even when the window is fully tinted. This means maintaining autonomy and light for building occupants.Our devices require sensors, sensors or controls and start working right away. Experience optimal dynamic and dynamic comfort for windows without having to operate windows. Suntuitive knows what to do.Suntuïtive Dynamic Glass is a passive technology. It requires no external sunlight. Suntuïtive can help you with your project, WELL, LEED or BREEAM certification, and fits well within the Green Building space.

    Add value to your building and see a return from your residents. It does not give you a chance to make it a bit more productive. Do more than just add glass. “Improve the experience.”

      Suntuïtive Glass adapts to the intensity of sunlight and protects the interior against too much heat with its dynamic range of the Solar Heat Gain.Sun control
      One of the most important advantages of Suntuïtive Dynamic Glass is the unique ability to determine how much solar energy is left in a building. Unlike conventional glass, it can react to external conditions and reduce the heat load of a building, keeping the building owner comfortable. Suntuitive prevents up to 90% of the solar heat from entering the building (for example the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.10). That is now Solar Heat Gain Control!U value
      Suntuïtive not only works to keep excess heat out, our glass is also very efficient when it comes to U-values ​​to prevent heat loss. Because Suntuïtive IGUs are highly adaptable, almost any glass composition can be specified to construct a highly efficient IGU. Architects can enjoy design freedom and adjust the U-value.Energy savings
      Solar Heat Gain Control also leads to energy savings, which means that the HVAC system for a building can be smaller. This leads to extra cost savings and more usable space within the building.Custom Low-E
      Low-e is used to create high-efficiency glass coatings with low emissivity. These coatings, even thinner than a human hair, are used to display long-wave infrared energy. Low-e works with the Suntuïtive interlayer to prevent excessive solar heat from entering a room. Since IGUs with Suntuïtive technology are always tailor-made, they can be specified with your chosen low-e and maximum architectural design freedom.

    Smart Glass

    This is also a sandwich panel with a coating of nanoparticles. This time the nanoparticles have an extremely high insulation value, 5x more than just double glazing!
    This results in savings by:

    • Lower amount of glass used (1/3 of triple glass)
    • Smaller thickness and strength of the frames (ideal for renovation in old buildings where mainly ‘just’ glass is used)
    • Lighter and therefore cheaper to build
    • Cost savings on climate control

     The following applies to all three glazing: can also be used in combination with each other, as a result of which the advantages can reinforce each other. For example:

      • The power required to change the Dynamic Glass can be generated by solar glasses
      • Dynamic Glass and Smart Glass can be combined in a frame to ensure maximum heat and sound insulation in summer and winter.
      • Smart Glass can be delivered in double or triple version, which creates extreme insulation with U-values ​​of well below 0.5 W / m (at the expense of the weight of course, depending on the purpose)

                                                                                  Power Glas

    Heated Glass

    Heated glass is no longer a fantasy at the end of the last decade – thanks to the latest technology glazing with electric, it got a start in life. Our company is one of the few in the industry that deals with the production and sale of this unique product.

    The technology can be applied to the surface of ordinary glass transparent solid (!) A layer of metal oxides and alloys that contains uniform heating of large surfaces when an electrical voltage.

    solutions for heating glass

    We have over 15 years of experience in heated glass solutions with numerous international references and see ourselves as a leader in innovation and quality.

    POWERGLAS is an invisible heating glass that emits an electronically controlled infrared radiation heat. POWERGLAS can be realized both as double glazing and triple glazing.

    Heated glass can be used both indoors and outdoors. POWERGLAS can be used indoors for partition walls, doors, towel dryers, mirrors, etc. Outside, POWERGLAS is used for facades, roof glazing, windows and glass floors.

    POWERGLAS ensures a comfortable climate in rooms with a high glass content. The innovative, invisible and space-saving solution for heating glass ensures a uniform radiant heat even on cold days.


    Heated glass offers a special comfort. POWERGLAS provides pleasant heating and, thanks to infrared radiation, an energy saving compared to other heating systems. POWERGLAS heats economically, is emission-free and wear-free and requires no maintenance. In addition, energy suppliers often offer electricity tariffs for heating, but a separate measuring circuit is required. No dry heating air is generated and the indoor air quality is maintained. POWERGLAS enables continuous heating without drafts and without cold radiation near the glass panes. The design of the glass adds a lot, because it is a complete and invisible heating system.


    Our Partner in these intelligent glazings has Patents on the production method via inkjet printers and the chemical compositions of the nanomaterial. As a result, the products can be produced much cheaper than competitors currently do.
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