Terasní pohilo sliding doors with PVC framex gains are different from the same constructions of a different material. PVC pohilo sliding doors, doors from ECO POWER WINDOWS and windows is a fever of heat and sound insulation, high quality, MANY FUN years, simplicity in exploitation, beauty and diversity of design. The tilt-sliding system allows you to open your doors in two sessions.


The sliding system Hebe Schiebe can be very large, which is impossible for normal doors. The length of the structure is 12 m and consists of “deaf” and movable doors in various combinations, the amount of which can vary from 2 to 4

Sliding door system 6 chamber profile 

Glass types at, Eco Power Windows:

  • Solar glass (Coating and Film)
  • Dynamic glass
  • Smart glass
  • Triple glass
  • Power Glass
  • Double glass                                    

We work with the best;



Sliding sliding door constructions,

schuifdeuren schuifdeuren

A fundamentally new and perfect sliding construction. It is possible to produce hermetic sliding doors of a very large size. It is used for the glazing of terraces, winter gardens, swimming pools and many other buildings. Such sliding doors can be a replacement for one of the walls of the living room or bedroom, from which a beautiful view of the garden will open. The main purpose of sliding doors – visual unification in a single room of completely different rooms, or unity with the street. Advantages are that it is possible to make practically sliding “walls” while maintaining excellent density and thermal insulation. And, of course, in the presence of large formats, an abundance of light and a rating is guaranteed.


 The opening of sliding doors is done with a raised leaf. Thanks to the special suspension system, the construction can withstand heavy loads. Sealing on the contour with rubber seals.

Sliding and sliding doors of the company “Eco Power Windows” are made of frame frame Hebe-Schiebe or the aluminum frame Frame ST 125. Low threshold without grooves, offers ease of use and care.

Characteristics of profile systems, from which the lifting and sliding constructions are made.


Liftex sliding system Frame Hebe-Schiebe PVC.                                                                                                                    – The length of the structure is up to 10 meters, the size of the height is up to 2700x3000mm
– Maximum density
– Maximum heat insulation (heat transfer coefficient 0.79)
– The lowest threshold gives ease of use and maintenance.

 Sliding and sliding aluminum hot system Frame ST125.                                                                         – The length of the structure is a maximum of 12 m, the dimension of the blade is maximum 3000 × 3000 mm
– The maximum density
– The characteristic is a lower thermal insulation compared to the PVC system (resistance coefficient for heat transfer  0.62).

PVC sliding and sliding system.

Sliding and sliding structures are often used as sliding windows or in openings with little openness. Its use as sliding door glazing balconies and loggia height from the rail to go upstairs or to terrace or porch to be understood that in this embodiment form the threshold value a window frame, is not to step, but seal necessarily over the threshold for the Frame-71 profile. The sloping and sliding design is well established in a small apartment, where you have to save space when you open the sash window.

The work of sloping and shifting structures is based on the principle of the opening sliding door of the Ika-bus: the blade first moves forward and along the guide along the frame it then moves beyond the deaf part of the structure. It is impossible to open the entire width of the opening because a space is needed for the exit of the blade.

The disadvantage of a sliding system is that there is quite a maximum size of the (width 1.8 m, height 2.3 m).


 Sliding-sliding system Frame-71.                                                                                                                    – up to 3.2 m length structure the sash window size 1.8h2.3m
– Maximum density
– Maximum insulation (thermal conductivity coefficient of resistance 0.79)
– Upper threshold 71 mm.                                                                                                                                               

The principle of the operation of the accessories of sliding windows or doors.

Het principe van de werking van de accessoires van schuiframen of deuren Het principe van de werking van de accessoires van schuiframen of deuren Het principe van de werking van de accessoires van schuiframen of deuren Het principe van de werking van de accessoires van schuiframen of deuren

Closed tilted folded fittings, side view.


Frame S22 sliding cold aluminum construction.

Framex S22 glijdende koude aluminium constructie



Account must be taken of the fact that aluminum sliding systems are stiffer, resistant to large wind loads and allow a large glass surface without bridges compared to PVC. Sliding systems of aluminum due to a larger area of double or triple glazing and due to the fact that they have a profile of a narrower part, look lighter than PVC.

The principle of the operation of sliding structures is based on the movement of the blades on the parallel guides. The doors are locked in the last locked position. With sliding doors or sliding windows there is space left to open the wing, which is very important to save space. The design is not sealed, so there is no greenhouse effect with this type of glazing. The roller shutters move on rollers, the polymer coating of which makes the movement silent and soft. When closed, the valve blades are locked with a locking lock, which ensures the safety and fastening of the closed flaps. These sliding systems in Germany are now widely used, because they are a whole complex of problems regarding the finish of the balcony to solve the loggia.

– Used for glazing balconies.
– Stores the space needed to open the wing.

Sliding construction “Harmonica”

Schuifconstructie "Garmoshka" Schuifconstructie "Garmoshka"Schuifconstructie "Garmoshka"

We also offer another sliding system – the so-called “accordion” (sliding-folding system). The dividing wall consists of several gates, which are folded into an opening similar to the bellows of the accordion. The advantage of this sliding door is the possibility to cover the openings with a width of up to 6.5 m and a height of 2.3 m. At the same time the maximum weight of the wing should not exceed 80 kg, the number of wings not more than seven.

Sliding doors “Harmonica” – this is the only method of glazing when you have to open the full width of the opening and there is no room for the departure of the sliding system. The attic is folded up and in practice requires no extra space to open.

The “accordion” system can be made of both PVC profiles and aluminum, but because aluminum is stiffer and lighter, aluminum “accordions” work more reliably. Due to the limited size of the doors, the swing doors of the “accordion” in closed condition form an obstacle to the width of the view of the surrounding landscape.


Frameless glazing systems


Frameless glazing ideal for glazing terraces. It can also be used for glazing balconies.

Outside, the system is a solid glass wall without frames and vertical shelves. It visually enlarges the space on the balcony or terrace, almost invisible when it is closed. Together with the obvious aesthetic advantages, frameless glazing systems create a complex of additional consumer properties. In collapsed condition the system takes up almost no space, and the convenience of hygienic maintenance of balcony glazing is provided by easy access to both sides of the doors and the absence of a threshold.

The panels of the system are made of special tempered glass. They can drive freely with trolleys on rails reinforced at the top and bottom of the opening. The balcony can be fully opened by sliding the glass parts to the side and turning them to the wall, where they are folded into a sort of ‘book’ and occupy little space. The glazing is locked in the closed state.

A frameless system can be used to glaze large openings. A magnificent effect can be achieved by glazing the terrace of a house, the walls of a café or restaurant. There is a feeling of full presence on the street. This type of glazing is a must in case the glass wall overlooking the garden, if the hotel is located in the park, on the beach or on another beautiful corner.




4 – room profile
• Installation depth – 58
• Maximum glass paneling size – 32 mm
Thermal coefficient values:
• U-value frame – Uf 1.5 W / m2 K
• U-value glass – Ug 0.6 W / m 2 K






5 – room profile
• Installation depth – 71
• Maximum glass span size – 42 mm Thermal coefficient values:
• U-value frame – Uf 1.5 W / m2 K
• U-value glass – Ug 0,5 W / m 2 K






6-room profile
• Installation depth – 84 mm
• Maximum width of the insulating glass – 56 mm Thermal coefficient values:
• U-value frame – Uf 0.95 W / m 2 K
• U-value glass – Ug 0,5 W / m 2 K




You partner for windows, doors, housing construction greenhouses & greenhouses.
New windows, doors needed? Eco Power Windows specializes in the delivery and assembly of quality products. In plastic, aluminum. You can always count on expert advice and excellent service.


Ideal 4000   

• 5-room system
• Available installation of glass units with a thickness of up to 44 mm
• With basic configuration coefficient of heat transfer resistance Rq = 0.77 m2 K / W
• Reliable sound insulation up to class 4 (45 dB)
• Available installation of ventilation system (Regel-Air)
• Suitable for glass-in-lead glazing
• Possible replacement of compaction units
• Windows from IDEAL PVC system
• Available in different colors



Ideal 8000     

• 6-chamber system with two compacting circuits
• Installation width 85 mm
• Possibility to install glass units with a thickness up to 51 mm in an offset wing and up to 59 mm in a half springy sash
• The heat transfer coefficient from 1.0 to 1.3m2 K / W
• 3 compaction circuits provide a tighter clamp to the frame, the ability to install ventilation systems
• Reliable sound insulation up to class 4 (43 dB)
• Available installation of ventilation system (Basic Air plus)
• Available in different colors6-kamer systeem met twee compacteringscircuits



 The power of Eco Power Windows
• You can count on a total solution: from advice to after sales
• Choice of high-quality product line
• More than 40 years of experience and craftsmanship
• Reliability is of paramount importance: agreement = agreement
• Plastic and aluminum frames meet the most stringent quality requirements (ao the police seal of safety for safe living).

• You can count on a total solution: from advice to after sales
• Choice of high-quality product line
• More than 40 years of experience and craftsmanship
• Reliability is paramount: appointment = appointment
• Plastic and aluminum frames meet the most stringent quality requirements (such as the Safe Housing Police Hallmark).

                                                                       but also asymmetrical,
                                                       complex shapes and arches are possible.
                                                                       The usual turn-tilt standard.
  • Everything takes place in our own production line, both the plastic and aluminum frames and the glass.
  • From multiple colors possible. Both on one or two sides of the profile, your self can determine the color.




Lamination of windows can be done in two ways: by film or “in bulk”. Laminating film can be one-sided or double-sided (outside and inside) – according to the customer’s choice. It is adapted to our climatic conditions and weather phenomena. Laminating with a film makes it possible to choose any shade from different tens.

Phases of laminating through film:

  • apply a special primer to the profile;
  • application of a film;
  • special rollers;
  • heat treatment

Drying of the laminate takes 7-10 days and only then is it possible to make a window or door structure from the laminated profile. It is the long production time that is the main disadvantage of this type of lamination.

The second way of laminating is “in bulk”. During the production of the profile, a special dye is added to the plastic, which, under the influence of high temperatures, melts and colors the plastic in a different color. This way you get a completely painted window structure without white ends. The paint does not affect the technical and qualitative characteristics of the profile.

Laminated windows

Already gone are the times that you had to choose between white plastic windows, silver aluminum or wooden constructions, when the demand for the desired color was. Thanks to modern technologies, you can realize your wildest wishes with regard to the color and texture of your plastic windows.
Now you can order colored PVC windows in your cottage or a new apartment and make sure they fit perfectly in the interior, and the features do not do anything aluminum and even modern wooden structures. But their cost is an order of magnitude more attractive, and in use with them there is much less effort and they do not require special care.

The most popular today are the natural colors of laminated windows, including walnut, golden oak, alder, mahogany and anthracite. We often order windows with lamination for aluminum or other metals.

Laminated plastic and aluminum windows – price from your manufacturer

It is worth noting that the prices for laminated windows differ considerably from the prices for conventional designs. So one-sided lamination increases construction costs by at least 40%, and if it is a laminate in bulk, this figure is even higher. However, it is necessary to recognize that in this case the game is worth the candle, because such designs are an integral part of your interior and create harmony and cosiness in the room.


  • Extremely high insulation values for your home, office buildings.
  • HR +++ thickness 36 U 1.1
  • HR +++ thickness 42 U 0.7
  • HR +++ thickness 48 U 0.5
  • (U-value up to 0.5 W / m2K), with high sound-damping.
  • There are subsidy options for your who can run up to 45 € per M2 for the HR +++ window frames.
  • Frames are supplied including glass, Maco hinges and locks, with frame anchors & burglary protection WK2 system.


Windows hardware;


With Eco Power Windows you can go for the following products:

  • fixed window frames.
  • turn-tilt windows only.
  • turn-tilt windows with an intermediate arrow.
  • the same without an intermediate style.
  • doors.
  • sliding-tipping door only.
  • double sliding door.
  • lift-sliding door only.
  • lift-sliding door double.
  • folding doors.
  • Electric doors and windows.
  • Electric Roofs.
  • Some examples:                                                                                                                                                            








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